Going back in time - Sports betting history

Sports betting is an important part of the gambling industry worldwide. Betting on favorite sports become wide spread all over the world with the development of the online environment.

But what is sport betting? After Dominic Atkinson (Commercial Director at Tailorbet Limited) sports betting is the wagering of money (the stake) on an event with an uncertain outcome with the primary intent of winning additional money. We consider that the most important variable according to this affirmation is the chance. Or as we like to say the luck of everyone.

Jamaica Race Course 1932

Spectators at Jamaica Race Course in Queens swarmed to place their bets on April 22, 1932

The history of sports betting begin thousands of years ago when Greeks celebrates well known athletic events in Corinth, Nemea, Delphi and Olympus. From then are the first records of betting on sports events like boxing, throwing the javelin, footraces and long jumping.

Another important period for sports betting was the period when Roman Empire rises. Romans become more bettors than Greeks with the time and an important role was played by the gladiator games. Romans begin to saw gambling like a metaphor for their lives. In the 1th century Pliny the Elder wrote, “We are so much at the mercy of chance that Chance is our god.”

After this episode ( the end of Roman era ) this gambling activity survive and was transmitted with success to medieval kingdoms. Betting become so developed in the middle ages that some leaders tried to outlaw this habit. With no success because this activity continued to work very good in underground.

Gravesend Race Track 1906

Spectators to get a better view of races at Gravesend Race Track on Coney Island in 1906

Early of 1700s show betting activity on American territory especially on cockfights, dog fights and horse races. Also in England horse races become very popular between bettors in range of 1800s and 1900s. Betting on horse races was treated like a national sport those days. Almost this habit become addicted for many peoples of that period.

Early of 20th century horse races gave way to baseball game which became very popular. After the wars sports betting know no limits all over the world. Worldwide peoples started to bet on a large variety of sports like: football, basketball, baseball, golf and horse races.

Online gambling lead sport betting on the next level. Millions of peoples around the world choose to play form their homes at their favorite sports. They can choose from thousands of events all over the world any day at any hour and for what bankroll they want.

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Source for the pictures NyTimes