A short return to history of poker

Poker history
Poker game atmosphere

Poker…what a wonderful game. A mindful game that become a social phenomenon in last years in every corner of the world. Even if we talk about live poker or online poker there are about 100 million players worldwide according to poker specialized websites. However online poker seems to be the most played wide spread card game.

The beginning of this amazing game seems to be after many historians placed around the age 965 AD when Chinese emperor Mu-Tsung played with his a wife on New Year Eve party a game with domino cards that combine elements of actual poker game and elements from a local game called mahjong. This seems to be the first “touch” with poker game.

Along the next centuries card games becomes very popular and in 1377 documents shows the born of 52 card deck. Egyptians and Persians loves to play card games at that time for recreation without the presence of any elements of actual poker. The 52 card deck was an important element of card games growing because many players can now sit at the same table. Early decks has only 20 cards.

Poker history 1882
Poker game 1882 - Egan Saloon

Anyway… in the early of the 16th century appear the Persian game “As Nas” that become very popular at that time. This coincides with the time of occurrence of a Spanish cards game called “Primero”. “As Nas” and “Primero” were the first card games that involved what in our days we name “bluffing” – when a player with poor hand increase his bets to put pressure on the other players giving the impression that he has a good hand.

Next episode consist of the appearance of the French variant of “Primero” called “Poque”. Well this is considered by many being the parent of modern poker. What is so important at this game? Appearance of the suits! Yes this game combine elements of modern poker with the new 52 deck with the four suits: diamonds, hearts, spades and cubes. Is the moment when this game explodes. With the arrival of the French colonials in Canada they have added also their game “Poque” which will will be quickly embraced by Americans.

Poker game - early 1910
Old poker table

Poker game became very popular along the time and first variant of this game was 5 card stud. It was a game very popular played by soldiers during the American Civil War or during First World War.

It was an important moment when poker rises and this moment is placed in 1970 when Texas Hold’em Poker become what he is today - the most important poker game played by millions of peoples worldwide – when in Las Vegas was played the first World Series of Poker tournament.