Carefully read THE RULES!

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Every game has RULES. And also every gambling game has OWN RULES. Without knowing the rules can put you in a lower position on gaming tables even if we talk about casino, poker or sports betting games.

Don’t start playing any game on real money if you don’t know the rules. There are two important steps before starting playing: choose your game and learn that game rules. One day, two days…how many days is necessary to learn. Obviously you can become a pro in few days only reading and reading but all we know that it is a safe start. has many articles developed by professional gamblers about any online gambling rules. So feel free to check our sections with Poker rules, Casino rules and Sports betting rules to start your gambling road in safe.

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Ok we have learn the basics rules. What’s going next? Well, encourage every player to not involve real money on gaming tables until they play few games with play money. Yes, PLAY MONEY! Every online gambling platform have games with play money (or if you want virtual money). Play money didn’t have any value. You can play any game you want with this type of money (just like you play with real money). This is a very good way to win experience and to apply all THE RULES you learn in the beginning. Playing with virtual money is safely for your wallet and is quite funny.

There is not a time range until you can start for real money. You can start playing real money when you feel that you are prepared from all points of view ( games rules, atmosphere at the tables, your starting bankroll and so on).

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