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Banned under the age of 18

Gambling industry has became in the last few years very popular at international level. It's very important to play responsibly AND only for fun! There are many words, articles and other information sources regarding playing online games responsibly. Well… want to be closer to his customers publishing such an article about online gambling, advices about this social phenomenon, what to do in critical gambling moments, where you should go when gambling become a problem for you.

OK! First of all we need to admit that all types of gambling which means real gambling and online gambling are JUST entertainment ways of spending your time. Nothing else! When the barrier of fun is exceeded then “HOUSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM! “ :) .

Don't ruin yourself!

When the barrier is exceeded?

1. When you start to play the family money.
2. When you spent more time to play online or real gambling games than your wife, children, parents, childhood friends and so on.
3. When you play borrowed money.
4. When you have healthy problems about gambling (like insomnia, hearts problem or others).
5. When you spend the last cent for a last bet.
6. When your self esteem become lower because of gambling issues.
7. When you ignore your job in favor of gambling.

This are some examples WHERE you shouldn’t be at any time in your life when you are playing such games. Most of this situations can be treated first of all using your WILL. Your WILL in many cases ( on early stages of the problem) can open everyone eyes and say to them “HEY! YOU HAVE A GAMBLING PROBLEM! GO TO YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS AND RESOLVE IT. IT’S AN ORDER!!!” In many situations this is a working method. BUT...

Don't loose your job!

BUT there are percentages of players that can’t be mental healthy after applying this method of self suggestion. And that’s the situation when the “problem gambler” should be helped by his family and friends. Is the situation when the “problem gambler” don’t go anymore to ask for help on his WILL or his FAMILY…is the situation when his family should go in his direction and act immediately TO RESOLVE THE PROBLEM.

When you see such a case don’t hesitate to go with “the subject” at a psychologist. Surely “our problem gambler” will refuse this offer but you need to explain him / her that is not a shame to go there. Explain that his / her problem can be resolved like any other affection. Be with him many of your time for a period and behave like a cop :). Go outside, play football, watch a movie, cook something good…DO OTHER THINGS! Slower you will see the results and you will be happy…his family will be happy…there will be a general happiness!

Protect minors from gambling

Regarding this subject there is one more case to discuss: protecting our children to know, watch or play this kind of online games.

We all know that the main quality of children is CURIOSITY. In many cases this is a positive fact when we know what kind of things we want our child to discover. When we discuss about discovering online or real gambling then we can say again: “HOUSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM! “ (without smiley face) because this is one of the biggest mistake that someone adult can do – to learn or to play in front of a child. PROTECT your child and NEVER expose him to the gambling world.

There are some advices regarding this issue:

1. If you like to play don’t do that if there’s a child in the room – you will be curious how quickly can be a child attracted by this games.
2. Use protection software on your personal computer to restrict the access of your child to online games programs.
3. Don’t share with your child information about bank account or credit cards. He can use your money playing online whenever you last expect.
4. Another way to restrict access to computer is to create different profiles password protected. Your child profile should only contain music, movies, pictures and thinking child games.
5. Do not leave your computer if you are logged into your gaming software.

Don't loose your money!

This are some gambling advices from and we hope useful for all of you. If you know persons with gambling problems or even you have this problem don’t hesitate to Contact us! Maybe we can be your WILL when you need! And don’t forget! PLAY RESPONSIBLY!

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