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Casino history
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Historians place the origin of gambling somewhere at 2300 B.C. when are revealed first signs of gaming practices. Experts believed that gambling was present in every society from that past time until our days in one form or another.

The history of gaming is sprinkled with many stories, legends and myths. Here are few of these spicy details about gambling history:

- Some words mean that the territorial division between Sweden and Norway around the 11th century was made by throwing the dice.
- In the Roman Empire kids where learned to play with dices by lawmakers as a basic learning tool.
- A roman emperor said historians modified his carriage to be able to play dice games during journeys for official visits.
- In 1700 – 1709 historical documents reveal that the lottery was used to help feed British colonies.

The word casino has Italian origin. In the 19th century casinos where named that places where entertainment activities were held like: sports games, dancing, gambling music listening. Such places where located in Italy at Villa Farnese or at Villa Giulia and in the US at Newport Casino in Newport. At that time not all casinos were used for pleasurable activities. For example the Copenhagen Casino was used for theater entertainment.

Monte Carlo Casino
Monte Carlo Casino 1878-1879

In our days a casino is the place where the principal domain of activity is gambling. There is a strong industry developed worldwide by gaming. In 2011 the revenue of the biggest casino houses worldwide was somewhere of 55 billion of US dollars. Pretty much no? It is understandable why the biggest casinos in the world are constructed with luxury hotels and restaurants, shopping places on luxury ships and so on. Developers of casinos are transforming simply casino houses in tourist attractions. And the results are visible. Many peoples are going to travel to the greatest casinos only for curiosity. Because there is a tourist attraction. Hey I played a dollar at Monte Carlo Casino! I was in the richest place of the world! How many times have you heard this?

First casino dated by historian was placed in Venice, Italy and named Ridotto at 1638. Was the first gambling house created by the Great Council of Venice to control gambling activities during the carnival season. Ridotto Casino was closed 132 years later in 1770 when local government observed that society suffer a financial regress.

If in Europe early gambling places were named casino in America such locations were named saloons. There were created such casino in Europe also for pleasurable activities like drinking, music listening, dancing, talk with other peoples and gambling. The saloons were concentrated in four big cities New Orleans, Chicago, San Francisco and St. Louis. It is well know that during the early 20th century gambling became banned in America by state legislations and social reformers of the time. In 1931 in the state of Nevada gambling was again legalized and the greatest casinos in the world were born made from Nevada one of the largest gambling location from the world.

Cherry Chill Casino
Latino Casino Theatre Restaurant Cherry Hill New Jersey 1960's

With the ages in the world were dotted some relevant places for gambling activities. In a word Best Casino Houses from the world like: Monte Carlo Casino, The Venetian Macao in Macau, Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, Las Vegas Valley and many others.

Like poker, casino games know a huge development in the online industry of gaming. Even there are many places in the world where peoples can play luxury casino for real, online casino games have a special place between gamblers. There are millions of users that are trying the excitement of playing at the best casino houses on the internet. If you are interested in playing online casino games feel free to choose your perfect free casino bankroll on our website.

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As usual we came with the most important advice for our visitors. Play responsibly because gambling can be addictive. For any assistance don’t hesitate to Contact us !

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